Appeal to publishers and scientific content providers to stop the war in Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, launching a wide-scale military offensive on multiple fronts. The international community has unequivocally condemned Russian military actions as unacceptable to all. Many countries and companies have already imposed harsh sanctions on Russian businessmen, athletes, and cultural figures for their open support or tacit agreement with Putin's policies. 

Russian researches and educators must also be held accountable for this barbaric attack on Ukraine. Instead of using knowledge for the benefit of humanity, Putin's Russia uses information, science and education products to produce weapons, kills and blackmails. 

We ask you to disable access to all your information products and services to Russian users until the Russian Federation ends the war in Ukraine. We appeal to all publishers and scientific content providers to support this important peace effort. 

Scientific community, I suggest you take this text as a basis, or write your own original appeal and send it to publishers and scientific content providers: 

I found all these emails on websites. If you have more accurate email addresses, please write these contacts in the comments. 
Help me expand this list of publishers and providers.

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